June 27, 2022

“He said he would wipe the floor with Mark”, Albanian boxer: We are showing the world, Albanians are not like others

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Florian Marku won the last boxing match raising more expectations and enthusiasm as it was about an opponent who had not yet suffered his first loss. Amid great enthusiasm, the Albanian boxer has expressed happiness that the whole world is learning the true nature of Albanians.

“It was not a difficult match. To me he was the toughest opponent on paper, but I won the duel easily. The match was 10 rounds, not 6 as I was used to. He said he would wipe the floor with Florian Mark, but I changed his face. He talked a lot about me, but he regretted it.

Albanians have always supported me. I always listen to Albanian music before matches. “Every day we are showing the world that Albanians are not like others,” said Marku.

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