June 27, 2022

“They won 200 euros in 1 minute” / Two Albanians who practice extreme sports, jump from palaces and heights

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Shpend Ademi and Gim Boshala are the two Albanians who practice the extreme sport of “parkou freerunning”. The protagonists themselves have shown even their most dangerous experiences. Jumping from the fourth floor of the palace is an objective achieved without any single damage, but on the other hand the crawling from the 12th floor of the palace has been proven, without any single defense.

Adrenaline describes the whole body, while Shpendi and Gimi describe this sport as an art of movement. Always having maximum security and not thinking the worst, while when you fall to the ground you need to know how to fall, so that the pain spreads throughout the body and not just in parts to cause great harm.

All of this has required exercise twice a day for 5 hours each. So it is about a lot of work, while this type of sport is paid a lot: “In the beginning I was not paid, now I do not move my leg without money. I get paid 200 euros for a minute of performance. Who gives? “These people who want different sports, have no problem“, said Shpendi.

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