June 27, 2022

He is the main candidate for the Napoli bench, the Italian market expert: He will block the sale of Hysaj

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Genaro Gatuso’s place at the helm of the Napoli bench is increasingly in doubt and in Italy have brought to light potential candidates to take over the leadership of the team. A return of Sarri to the blue is a news that is circulating recently, while a “yes” of his can give another direction to the career of Elseid Hysaj.

Shkodra ends his contract in the summer and will leave as a free agent, but according to the market expert, Alfredo Pedula, the former Juventus coach will block Hysaj’s departure in case he is appointed Napoli coach. In the show “Ne parliamo il monday”, Pedula says that Sarri loved the Albanian defender under his orders even when he was leading Chelsea and Juventus.

“Will Sarri come to Napoli only in the case of the Champions League? No, in reality the situation is different. The coach does not consider qualifying for the top European competition to be fundamental, on the contrary he will evaluate other things. Having been in Naples for many years, something must be triggered within that can stimulate it.

For this reason, I do not rule out that De Laurentiis will try again in the coming weeks. Sarr’s possible “yes” will depend on a number of factors. If the Tuscan coach lands in Naples he can block the sale of Hysaj. “It is not a mystery that he tried to bring the former Empoli defender to Chelsea and Juventus,” said Alfredo Pedula.

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